[GCLUB][US & EU] E454 is recruiting for non bloc Sov Null

Capsuleer Outfitters is a balanced PVP and PVE corp that has been around on and off since 2014.

We are a rough and tumble group made up of military vets and players who have been in eve for ten years or more. Core group of this corp have been flying together for seven to eight years. Due to this we have a strong family atmosphere and a defined culture. That said we are open to new blood and new players to add to the family. Glad to teach you how to play this game, or in the case of returning vets, reteach and do shenanigans.

We are currently a member of Gentlemen’s Club. A non bloc null sec alliance down in Detorid. Plenty of isk making and pvp opportunities with very little politics and drama and no required paps or other nonsense.

We are looking for pilots who want to undock without their hands being held, who want to pvp in all types from solo to small gang to 60 man fleets. Have a sense of humor and have fun.

What we offer:

~Activity around the clock. Between corp and alliance, always someone on.
~Active and engaged leadership
~PvP in all forms. Do small gang, blobs, Spectre fleets, Strat ops. Whole spectrum.
~Experienced pilots in most areas of eve who are willing to teach
~15% tax on R64/R32 moons. R16 and below are free.
~Access to good ratting space. No corp ratting tax.
~5% corp tax. We try not to make money off our pilots.
~Tight knit group. We all know each other and get along well. You wont be a faceless name.
~Relaxed, real life first environment

What we want:

~Undock. Be proactive.
~Be willing to learn
~Participate with alliance pvp ops
~Have a sense of humor
~Be able to register for services without complaining about it. None of us like it. Its part of the game.
~Microphone required.

In Game Channel: “E454 Bar & Grill”
Discord: [https://discord.gg/uFxHwfz5hA ]
Killboard: [https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98588459/ ]

EUTZ Recruiters: Talon Shryne
USTZ Recruiters: Ping Pangwang

Swing by and give us a look.

Come by and see if we are a fit for you.

Had a nice fight yesterday over a Rorqual that devolved into fighting Rattlesnakes lol. Come join the shenanigans.

Still recruiting. Hop in and say hi.

Pop in and say hi. Recruiting both US and EU time zones.

Still recruiting all time zones.

Hop on our discord and see if we are a good fit for you.

Come join the shenanigans.

Pop in and say hi.

Still recruiting. Hop in and see if we are a good fit.

Still looking to grow the family. Come be a part of it.

Still looking for new pilots to join the team.

Come join the family, get pew pew and make easy iskies.

Pop in and say hi today.

Still recruiting.

Stop by and say Hi.

Still recruiting both US and EU time zones.

Always on the look out for new pilots to add to the family.

Daily bumpage.

Pop in and see if we are a good fit for you.