GCLUB [US/EURO] Null Sec PVP/PVE/Industry Open Corp Recruitment of All sizes

From the ashes of Eve’s past, Gentlemen’s.Club has awoken from the grave- and we’re looking for pilots and corporations to join us in the deep south.

GCLUB strives to be an example of what Eve could be- a respectful, clean environment where the fleets are plenty, the ISK flows free, and all pilots can choose to be part of a cohesive team environment where leadership don’t just lead from the desk- with the goal of being a lasting, stable alliance that pushes to turn the game for the better. Whether you’re a miner, a krabber, a combat pilot, an explorer, an industrialist- from first day pilots to decades old veterans- you have a place here down in the free southeast, should you choose it.

Currently, our scouts are on the lookout for newer, or smaller, more tight knit corporations that are searching for a place to put down their roots and grow into their full potential as pilots, teams, and future leadership. If you’re looking for a place to spread your wings and see just how far you can fly, we may be right for you. Come talk with one of our representatives.


Or you can direct message me on Discord @ Rhaeghar

Added a few corps this past few weeks, but still on the look out. We are about culture. We are looking for corps and people that understand that building something brand new takes work and time. If you ever wanted to be apart of something this is the time!!