[GE] [EU/US] German Efficiency - Nullsec Corp looking for you!

German Efficiency Because EVE is no funny Business - “Kobayashi Laniakea”

German Efficiency is seeking new pilots! We are a No Drama corporation looking more to join. We are very close, very active and love killing things! We do alliance operations, small gang roams and even enforce Mining permits in High Sec. We are looking for people within the US + EU time zone. We are a NullSec Corp.

We Offer:

  • PvP content on every scale
  • Top Ship Replacement Program up to Capitals (and Subcapitals)
  • Doctrines for every taste
  • Daily Corp Activities
  • Ties to a High Sec Corp if that is more your flavor
  • Over 1000 BPOs and thousands of BPC’s


  • Around 5 Million SP
  • Ability to use Teamspeak, Discord, Mumble and other chat type programs
  • ESI Token for all characters in and out of the Alliance
  • Omega advised but not needed

What we expect

  • Actively engage with the Corp
  • Be able to take constructive criticism
  • Be social in our TS. Everything in EVE is better with friends

Come join us in “German Efficiency” Public Channel or Discord http://discord.gg/QE3hnVX

Kobayashi Laniakea

Keriani Noban
Resixh Six

Rust Matrix

Zkill: German Efficiency | Corporation | zKillboard

Youtube: German Efficiency - YouTube

We got bored so here we are enforcing our mining permit. No one allowed to mine where we are :slight_smile:

This is one way to use the free Praxis CCP gives us!

Up we go!

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