German Efficiency - Null-Sec at its finest

Recruitment Status: Open!

GE is a small null-sec based, content driven corporation.
We go where the content is. That means running effective home-defense fleets, sometimes ganking in High-Sec or hotdropping on fools.
We are not afraid to escalate with capitals.
We don’t shy away from YOLOing battleships into High-Sec Miners.

We offer you:

  • Regular PvP content. We fly small- and large-scale fleets on corporation and coalition level.
  • Active Discord and Teamspeak
  • JF and Buyback services
  • Dozens of classes and courses for new or returning players
  • Ship reimbursement for up to and including capital ships
  • A productive culture that supports you, no matter what your goals are
  • Fresh moons to mine every day! Who needs ore anomalies anyway. :slight_smile:
  • Over 1200 BPOs freely accessible even for new members
  • Buyback for your ratting loot and salvage

What we expect from you:

  • Socially active on communication services.
  • Actively participate in corp PvP and/or PvE activities.
  • Be willing to learn new things. Even veteran players can still find out new stuff.
  • 5mil+ Skillpoints or a vouch from an existing member

If you have any questions feel free to join our in-game channel: “German Efficiency”.
Or you can directly contact one of our recruiters:

  • Kobayashi Laniakea (All time zones)
  • Keriani Noban (EU TZ)


I endorse this post

Bumping the post :slight_smile: it’s a awesome corp

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