Gears of Progress Corporation is recruiting for Pochven / T-space / PvP / PvE

Gears of Progress ム Stribog Clade Alliance

Gears of Progress are always turning; the winding road of fate must be followed. The choice is clear to unite under the banner of the Triglavians with all efforts set on PvP. Those swayed by the ways of manufacturing and industry are helping to fuel our efforts to defeat any who oppose us or the Triglavians.

We are the Ṽoid and can not be seen. We are the रepublic and fly in perfect unity. The head cannot be cut off as 2 more will return in it’s place. The Stribog Clade has set the Gears of Progress in motion and can not be undone.

Stribog Clade is open to recruitment to all who dare to join the new frontier of Pochven space.

What we offer:

  • Planetary Production - Setup on rich planets with low tax
  • Mine exclusive ores only found in Pochven
  • PvE - Learn to fly in tandem while remote repping and blowing ships up
  • PvP Training - Improve your pilot’s abilities to tackle and destroy


  • Friendly and helpful
  • English Speaking
  • Discord
  • A desire to experience new content and pvp/pve

Gears of Progress is a very active corp with a structured core so that it’s not dependent upon any one player or personality. Many of our pilots were some of the first to experience the last great frontier of wormhole space anchoring POS’s before citadels ever came out. We bring this knowledge with us and teach others how to thrive in this environment.

Apply In-Game to “GOFP Pub” and join our Discord Server.

Great corp to play with

Come get trig standings, we can help.

Come have fun with a group who fleets up together.

Get involved in the making of Pochven!

There is no better time than now to get involved in T-space. Join ‘GOFP Pub’

Chat with us in ‘GOFP Pub’

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Just look at the alliance logo. How can you not want that next to your name?

We’re on a pvp killing streak. Come and join the action!

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Join ‘GOFP Pub’ and lets have a chat.

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Join ‘GOFP Pub’ and lets talk about tpsace and pvp.

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Newbro friendly!

We love to pvp and killed a thanny last night.

Join ‘GOFP Pub’

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