General questions, Indy/Pve Null sec corp

General questions about null sec corps.
I’ve only only been in 0.5+ space, mostly running lvl4 missions (32m sp). I am now skilling up into mining/industry as this is my main interest in the game. I understand that to be competitive, industry/mining is much better in null sec so I want to see if there are corps out there for players like me.
Do all null sec corps expect members to be part of pvp fleets ?
I don’t want to apply or join a corp only to let them down based on pvp expectations.
I am on 2-3 times a week + maybe a 4 hours session on the weekend.
That is hardly enough time to accomplish all I want to do pve/indy/pi wise…
So my main question, are there corps in null secs that will take in non-pvp players like me and be happy with the little taxes I may provide them ? Should i just stick to HS and forget about null sec space ?
Reading a lot of recruitment thread and it seems pvp in null sec is mandatory …

Hi mate

I understand your position, there’s alot of players in your position.

There are absolutely groups who will take capsules with low PvP activity, and the group I’m in is one.

I would be interested in having a more on depth conversation to answer your questions better, feel free to join and ping me on our discord, or reply here and I’ll dm some more info!

Hope you find what you’re looking for!

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