Getting "client closed unexpectedly" Message When Trying to Launch Game

I first downloaded EVE yesterday, and it worked fine (fine due to the fact that the laptop I’m using for the game was’t built with gaming in mind, but I know it works), but today when I click on play to open the client in the launcher, It loads, but the client doesn’t pop up and I get the message “Client assigned to [Account Name] has closed unexpectedly”.

I have:

  • Closed and restarted the launcher repeatedly
  • Verified files
  • Restarted my computer
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled everything

I have sent in a support ticket but I have not gotten a response yet, so I decided to try the forums to see if I can get help here.


I’m having the same issue… sometimes I can play for hours and no dc. Then a day with 4-5 client errors in 10 mins.

playing with 8 accounts just got all of them loged off unable to log back on even after following some instruction from previous time .
this is getting very bad why cant they fix this error

i now have 8 toons lost in space because of their constant mistakes

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