Getting started in PI

Hi all,

Can any one talk me through the early strips in getting started in PI. What sort of available capital do I need?


First of all; getting the Planet Management skills will get you started:

  • Planetology - improves planet scan resolution
  • Command Center Upgrades - grant you CC more CPU and Powergrid to work with each time you upgrade the CC (this skill the # of times you can do so)
  • Remote Sensing - allows for doing remote scans of planets
  • Interplanetary Consolidation - increases the number of colonies you can have by 1 per level.
  • Advanced Planetology - improves planet scan resolution
  • Customs Code Expertise - reduces the imposed tax (by CONCORD) in highsec and Interbus POCOs that may still exist.

after that you’d need to find a suitable place (Planet); buy a appropriate Command Center and with that in your cargohold you go to the system with your chosen planet, once there you enter Planetary view on the planet, pick a spot, preferably close to the resource you want, and put down your Command Center and start building your structures and setup production chains.

Planetary Production is an Omega activity; while Alphas can have one colony they cannot export the goods it produce.

You can watch the Tutorial Videos; when ingame hit the F12-key, switch to the Tutorial Videos-tab, you’ll find them under the Resource Harvesting category, there are 4 videos in relation to Planetary Interaction (it’s the old name for Planetary Production).

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also you can reprocess others people pi on your planet

I think what you mean is; you can buy PI products from the market, which other people have exported and is selling, import it to your planet and use that to fuel your production line. :smile:


An Epithal is very handy for PI, too, so you should skill some Gallente Industrial levels.
Some PI guides help you with your first steps, I recommend to browse youtube and eve uni.

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