GFC-AO Recruiting 4 Null Today!


Embark on a thrilling journey with Galactic Foundry Corporation, a PvP-focused community thriving with seasoned US/AUS/NZtz & EUtz players. Our leadership, having recently returned, has rekindled old alliances, bringing together friends and foes to create unparalleled PvP content for all.

At Galactic Foundry, we cherish the return of experienced players, much like ourselves, and invite you to be part of our revitalized corporation. With a cadre of accomplished Directors and FCs, we aim to eliminate the unnecessary complexities of the game, ensuring a seamless experience for our members. Join us as we script a new chapter in our EVE careers and explore exotic corners of the universe, seeking the adrenaline rush that fuels our passion for the game.

About Us:

Corporation Focus: PvP-centric, with a genuine emphasis on camaraderie.
Leadership: A team of skilled Directors and FCs committed to providing engaging content.
Purpose: Creating a vibrant PvP community with real interactions in authentic settings.
We proudly stand as a member of Absolute Will (ABSOW), an alliance entrenched in the Provi region of Null. With Some blue affiliations ready to unleash chaos.

ISK Opportunities:

Null-Sec Access: Available for all your PvP funding needs.
Activities: Moons, mining, ratting, HFs, Abyssel, ESS, PvP Roams - we support your ventures to fuel the bloodshed.

SP Requirement: None, but a PvP focus is essential.
Additional Alts: Useful Light Tackle, Indy
Communication: Discord access and operational microphone are non-negotiable.
Self-Sufficiency: A key trait we value.
Schedule: Consistency based on real-life priorities.
Age Requirement: 18 and above.
ESI SEAT/Auths: Mandatory for all characters.
Recruitment Process:

SEAT/Auth upon application.
Discord interview.
Potential trial roam to gauge compatibility.
What We Offer:

EVE Experience: A genuine, skill-flexing adventure.
PvP Diversity: From Black Ops to Capital Warfare, we have it all.
Experienced Staff: Seasoned corporation staff and leadership.
Stable Alliance: Aggressive and poised for success.
Ship Reimbursement: Your endeavors are valued.
Thank you for considering Galactic Foundry Corporation. For further inquiries, visit our Discord (Galactic-Foundry) or join our Public In-Game Channel - “-GFC-Public-” You can also reach out to me on Discord: therealblaw.

May your journey into the Ether be both thrilling and prosperous!

Fly safe,
Heran Man
Galactic Foundry Corporation

Recruiting in mass today !! apply today!

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Active now for applications !