[GG-MF] : Indy, Null sec , and part of Solyaris Chtonium (Slyce)

Did Loparite insult your Mother? Did Xenotime threaten to steal your girlfriend? Do you want to take your anger out on some unsuspecting rocks? If so this is your formal invitation to join Gregarious Games.

We are a nullsec industry focused corp that is looking for other industry/mining pilots to join our forces. We have too many moons! Come get your slyce of the pie.

Benefits from being a GG-MFer:
-Protection that comes from being in a major null block
-Access to perfect low-cost refining
-There are moons to be mined daily
-Access to rigged manufacturing
-Cheap jump freighter services
-A friendly corp to hang out with

In our corp you will have access to 10+ moons with members who love to share their boosts. We have a habit of trying to scare off roamers. Teach the enemies that your procurer can bite back.

Requirements to join
-Pay attention to local
-Be willing to learn
-Stay active

I have 48 characters left. You’re Awesome

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