Ghidrah is for sale! 33,600,588 skill pts

(Ghidrah) #1

Ghidrah Eveboard
This is a marquee name from the Godzilla movies. Ghidrah is the 3-headed space dragon. Since this character has never killed anyone you can make your own story!

No kill rights or bounties
Security status 0.03
Located in Hi-sec
4 jump clones located in high sec located near trade hubs of the 4 empires
Wallet positive

Skill points focused for hauling and cynos
Covert ops and Jump Freighters
Planet Management skills nearly maxed
Good scanning skills

Starting bid 40 billion
Auction will run until I accept a bid

(Maizie Fields) #2

I’ll assume there’s a typo… 25 bil.

(Ghidrah) #3

No typo. This character is for players want to become the Beast of destruction and have the perfect name for it.

(Maizie Fields) #4

Ah, I see… it’ll be interesting to see if your brand commands a premium over the commodity value of a toon.

(Ghidrah) #5

Sale cancelled

(system) #6

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