WTS 73.2 mil sp Focused Capital Toon All 4 Dread's, FAX'S ,Aeon ,Nyx Pilot

All 4 racial Dread Pilot ( Revelation , Moros , Phoenix , Naglfar)
Aeon and Nyx Pilot with Heavy bomber 5

Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
In NPC corporation.
Jump clone with Mid Grade Amulet
Char Located in high sec

Good KB: Each Cogaidh | Character | zKillboard

Heavy Fighters V
Fighters V
Skirmish Command V
Armored Command V
Information Command V
Capital Energy Turret V
Capital Projectile Turret V
Jump Drive Calibration V

Amarr Dreadnought IV
Caldari Dreadnought IV
Gallente Dreadnought IV
Minmatar Dreadnought IV
Amarr Carrier IV
Gallente Carrier IV

Start bid : 60 bil

B/O : 75 BIL

40 billions, offer only valid for 24 hours.

50 bil b/o

bump upp

51 bil b/o

52 bil b/o

53b b/o

55 bil b/o


58B ready

60 bil b/o

62b b/o ready now

63 bil b/o

65b b/o


63.5 bil b/o

Sale will close in 24 hrs

Whoever is highest wins this character


fake bid no response from buyer

Still available

52 bil