WTB Aeon pilot

Sitters also welcome, but should be relatively focused

WTS me, perfect dedicated Aeon/Nyx, also can fly Apostle

looking for offer around 68bil with hi-amulet set in char

Thanks for the offer (great character!), but 68 is bit more than I’d pay.

I’m looking for something close to what you are, but less diverse in the Nyx and Triage areas :slight_smile:

Would you take 55b? That’s 15b over the extraction price

72m Aeon/Nyx/4 dread pilot for 60b starting, asking 68b for a 56m Aeon/FAX pilot (which will only fly an Aeon anyways if you don’t live in a keep) is reaching. It’s a good pilot, but I will pay a fair value for it if you’re still looking to sell.

imagine train all 4 race dreads lmfao

Yeah, it’d all get ripped out and resold to reclaim some value. I’m just saying it has many equivalent skills at more SP and starts out bidding much lower than 68.


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