WTS Perfect Aeon/Nyx pilot with perfect Fax, Guardian,Carrier skills 61m

pw: ab8941

Perfect Nyx/Aeon & Apostle/Ninazu & Guardian & Archon/Thanatos skills

High-grade slave clone set
Positive wallet
Character’s currently at lowsec
-6.1 security
No killright

Zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/character/93268289/

What is your opening bid price & Buy out ?

I’ll bid 40b to kick things off i guess!

I have no idea yet, thanks for offering 40b

Please bid more than 50b at least

The bid lower than 50b will be ignored


50.5 bil


60b if buy now


60b accepted, are you online now?

Anyone still wants to buy this character, contact me until he sent me a response


My bid is still valid

I know how to calculate.

You also must know it’s an unreasonable price

B/O 60b

I will give 51Bil


55 b offer

bid retracted