WTB focused Nyx/Aeon pilot 40-80mil SP

(x911xZH) #1

I am looking for a focused Nyx/Aeon pilot 40-80mil SP.
Not interested in paying for skills that don’t benefit one of the above ships(But it is permissible :slightly_smiling_face: ).
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Jump Drive Operation 5
Jump Fuel Conservation 5
Fighters 5
Support/Light/Heavy fighters minimum 4 (support drone skills 5)
Ammar or Gallente Carrier 5
Excellent Armor, Engineering and Targeting skills
Similar or Nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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(RsA Larza) #2

FOR SALE http://eveboard.com/pilot/Tau_Jakobson

(Taintaro Nura) #3

How much do you want for this character?

(RsA Larza) #4

Bids from 30 bil as this pilot got a rare permanent Qufe Nyx skin !

(Maud) #5


contact me ingame

(Dima Babak) #6


RsA Larza 30 bil