Ghost Fleet Privateers Recruiting


We are a small corp wanting to grow and expand our ranks here in New Eden. We are looking for active pilots to join us in our daily operations in and around our region. Our main focus at this time is Industry and PvE but we are slowly moving towards PvP as well.

We offer:
:spades: Daily Fleets
:spades: Ore Buyback Program
:spades: Discord comms
:spades: LS/NS Shenanigans
:spades: USTZ
:spades: Cold Beer and Strippers

:spades:Also Wanted: Pirate Wenches :spades:

Must have tight corset, fine booty and impressive treasure chest and be able to cook, clean and sew. Must look after cannon and balls, like looting, drinking and hunting for pirate treasure, must have ship and loot.

:spades: Recruitment :spades:
Come chat with us at Ghost Fleet Pub if interested or contact a recruiter.

Adimius Panala
Diathen Eridani
Titus Taymor

Ghost Fleet is still looking to expand its PVP and PVE wings with regular fleets. Join for a solid corp active in EU and US timezones. Stay for the RC Crawlers, 3d Printing, and other fun times.

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