Gildinous Vangaurd Is Recruiting New And Experienced Pilots

Ahoy There Capsuleer!

Do you find yourself aimlessly station spinning with nothing to do while sitting in Jita 4-4? Well come over to Gildinous Vangaurd where you can be part of something great! We’ve got the big PewPew (insert laser sounds) fleets for all of you PVP’rs and Moons to munch for all you miners out there. Oh, I forgot to mention we have a severe pirate infestation for all you bounty hunters out there in the world.We are a close knit group of people who love meeting new faces so come on down! We are a Nullsec based corporation in The Initiative and we are also part of the infamous Imperium Coalition. We are mainly a USTZ corp but we have some AUTZ/EUTZ presence as well. Minimum of 10 Million SP.

We Offer:

Small Fleet PVP

Large Scale Fleet PVP

Capital and Titan Warfare

Full Ship Replacement Program for Alliance fleets.

Boosted Mining Fleets

Ratting in some of the best space in the game

Null sec Incursions

Specialized Squads and Interest groups to join

Laid-back Corp/Alliance roam fleets

Whaling Fleets (when the need arises)

A well stocked Null-Sec region market (with Delve only a few jumps away)

Jump freighter service to and from Jita and other areas

Alliance Buyback Program

Join our in-game public channel to talk to a recruiter today! Vangaurd Pub Or join us on our Discord server! []

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