We are building a PVP focused corp based in Sovereign Null Sec (part of a null sec holding alliance)

So what are we about - we are RL first (always!) and enjoy shooting stuff. There is a good mix of content from small gang to large alliance fleets (and everything in between) so there is plenty going on. If you can contract create/FC we’d love to have you on board! There are also plenty of ISK making opportunities to help pay for PVP ships (fully upgraded systems etc.).


  • Must be PVP focused (no carebears!) happy to help people willing to learn
  • Usual comms stuff (discord/TS3)
  • Active in EU prime time (approx 1600-2200 eve ish)
  • Willing to help each other out contribute to the corp
  • Overall “good” level of SP (No Alphas)

Killboard (its small but growing):

Join our public channel: “TDVG Pub”


Still recruiting and shooting stuff!

We still recruiting good people to PVP with. Contact us now in your nearest recruitment channel.

Still looking for good people.

Still recruiting, still shooting

Come and find new friends from us.

Still looking for more guys to join - join our public channel: “TDVG Pub” or message me in game

Come and join us for shiny killmails :smiley:

Still looking for people to fly with us :smiley:

Join us to laidback enviroment.

Weekend is here. Come talk to us in “TDVG Pub” maybe we have new home for you.

We’re still here and recruiting

Come meet us in “TDVG Pub” and hear our offer.

We’ve still got vacancies - come and join us

Time for weekend recruitment run. Convo me or send me evemail.

Back on saddle and looking for fresh blood.

Hello all people of the working class, do you wanna feel less like just a number in big corporation(alliance) gears? Join us.

Looking for new people.

Join our growing corp for fun times.