The Dark Vanguard - New Null Sec Corp looking for PVPers & other stuff

So, I don’t value my RL time and therefore decided to start a corp and turn Eve back into a career…

Okay not really but we have started a new corp. Null Sec PVP focussed and with all the other Null Sec stuff (good ratting/mining/explo or whatever tickles your fancy).

Looking for EU & US dudes to come and join us. We’re pretty laid back and totally get RL fist so no expectations other than don’t be really bad at Eve, do some PVP and have a bit of a sense of humour (the darker the better).

In terms of actual “proper” stuff:

  • Experienced leadership (I have been a CEO before and know what I’m doing + solid directors)
  • Alliance/coalition SRP for their fleets
  • No minimum requirements but you are expected to do some PVP
  • Buybacks available for all stuff
  • Infastructure in place for caps/supers/titans & for production if that’s your thing
  • PVP/Capital/Super/FAX alts gladly accepted & recommended

Basic requirements:

  • Some null sec experience (we can help you with PVP stuff but dont want to hand hold)
  • Decent level of SP (no absolute minimum limit)
  • No alphas

Killboard (its small but growing):

Get in contact - either mail me, reply here or join our ingame public channel “TDVG Pub”

Good boi and decent FC. And good corporation to join if you are looking for something non-average. Good market with supers nearby and lots of true peeveepee. Friendly bump.

@Violetta_Siwalina thanks for the friendly bump and kind words :grin::grin:

Bumping it up - come and have a chat in game: “TDVG Pub”

+1 new recruit for us :slight_smile: but still looking for more - drop into the public channel for a chat

Weekend is here. Time to join our corporation and meet you new friends.

+1 more recruit :slight_smile: growing nicely - come and have a chat

We’re still looking for PVPers to join us :slight_smile:

Plenty of stuff to shoot

+1 more recruit \o/

Join “TDVG Pub” for a chat

Time for weekend recruitment drive. ‘TDVG Pub’

We’ve had some good fights recently:

Woop woop, another new recruit
Delta is beginning to look good :smiley:

Come and have a chat “TDVG PUB” in-game!

Join our fun RL first corp. Come meet us in channel mentioned in previous post.

Join our growing corporation and see how it feels to be member not just a number.

Gate camps and fleets to be, where are you? Join today!

Today we start early weekend recruitment, Join today to get special reward. Meet you at ‘TDVG PUB’.

Still here, still growing :slight_smile:

The weekend is nearly here - drop by for a chat TDVG Pub in game or drop me a mail :smiley:

Still growing and looking for more dudes - come and pew with us

Come and chat “TDVG PUB” in game