Looking for Nullsec pvp/isk Main pvp. Dread/JF/Rorq alt. Super alt

Hi potentially looking for a new home EU TZ, undecided as of yet but just putting feelers out. All chars listed are on separate accounts.

83mil SP main - can fly Moros/Rev, thanatos, 90% of sub caps with all t2 guns flys Redeemer/Sin

61mil sp alt - flys Rorqual, Jump freighter, Revelation also support ships ie Falcon, Pilgrim etc also Cyno V hunter Proteus/Tengu only cap currently owned is a Revelation

27mil Super alt - sitting in a Hel at the moment carrier 5, fighters 5, heavy fighters 4.

Looking for Nullsec isk making, with the PVP to go with it, i am an experience pvper in all aspects of eve Highsec Wardec, Lowsec pirate, Nullsec Blocs. i have done pretty much everything eve has to offer

Looking for somewhere to park up my Hel rat till wallet is busting and pvp as much as humanly possible also a BLOPS/CAP dropping focused corp/alliance would be awesome.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon.


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Please come online, I would like to have a chat.

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Hi @Vega_Koraka

I think we may tick most/all of the boxes you are looking for. EUTZ 0.0 PVP Corp with some interesting stuff coming up for pew pew. Feel free to convo me in game or jump into TDVG PUB for a chat.

Here is a link to our forum recruitment post: The Dark Vanguard - New Null Sec Corp looking for PVPers & other stuff

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Check us out and let me know if you’re interested. Feel free to contact me here or in game.

Looking forward to hearing from you and good luck in your search.

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Hey bud!

Krypted Gaming is looking for active combat-proficient pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity and seek players who value respect, socializing, and enjoying the game.

We are proud members of Triumvirate.

We are looking for players who are,

  • Active. 82% of our players are active daily.
  • Combat focused. Blowing up ships is a part of our daily routine, have a history of PvP.
  • Eager to improve, learn, and grow as a player.

Our playstyle involves,

Outside of EVE Online, we have and numerous IRL meetups in the UK and US and have a lot of players local to eachother that casually meet up at breweries, etc.

Learn a bit more about us at our website, or check out our killboard.

Want to chat? Drop by our Discord, we usually have someone to chat 24/7.

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We have 80% cap saturation with our pilots and dreads. We use them in rorq defense often so you’ll get content. If you’re interested we’ve got recruiters for EU and US tz whichever you’re online for. If you’re interested join our discord and or pubchat in game


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Hey @Vega_Koraka

Come and chat to RIOT: Pilots!

The Riot Formation is currently recruiting!

We currently seek EU PVP Pilots!!

We are members of a sov holding alliance and seek EU and US pilots that share our vision of small gang destruction, social interaction and general space-based shenanigans.

The core of this fine corporation is ready to swell both our PvP and industrial pilot numbers. The leaders of RIOT are veterans of the game, we started in 2003/2004 so we know what we are doing, we are a mature corporation that avoids excessive drama, only accept adults into our ranks. Our play hours with the alliance are around the clock but we accept RL comes first. We run regular evening corp OPs and small gang roams.

Highlights include:-

  • Members of Darkness, a nullsec sov alliance in the content rich north
  • Comprehensive ship replacement programme (SRP)
  • Entirely self sufficient - we mine, build, destroy, transport, fund and exist with no outside assistance.
  • We share our alliance’s vision and do like dropping caps on people, we like big-ass fights
  • Small gang specialists, we like small roams as well
  • In-house development of doctrines and tactics, available for all to get involved with
  • Low tru-sec and plenty of opportunities for indy pilots
  • Drunken comms singing as standard
  • Maybe some cake. Depends on the FC.
  • Over 21’s policy, no kids or space-babies
  • Partner/Family friendly playtimes - free wife-faction resistance plating for all members
  • Teamspeak, sweet website, Discord, stuff
  • Experienced leadership, directors having flown with major players for 14 years
  • Token Australian

In return:

  • Be sensibly active
  • We are primarily a PvP corp, you must have the stones to fight
  • Use our comms
  • Turn up for stuff
  • Practice your favourite song for the affor mentioned drunken comms singing
  • Be able to read, listen and comprehend English

So if you fancy a bit of all that, you can come and see us in our in-game public channel, The Kings Head or you can speak direct to Altrexis Rin or Depopulo Denuo

We have our own in-game public chat channel called The Kings Head so please join us in there.

We are also right here on discord https://discord.gg/auTztw6 come speak to us right now if you like!

Look forward to talking to you soon!

Alt o7

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If you’re looking for an EUTZ Nullsec PVP corp, you should take a good long look at Alwar Fleet, they are the EUTZ heavy group within the Federation Uprising alliance, which is a Nullsec/Lowsec PVP alliance based in Pure Blind.

We have daily PVP fleets in both EU and US TZ, especially now that we’re in a full scale war, and we also have a capital wing to boot that sees a considerable amount of action. We fly a variety of subcap doctrines as well, ranging from Retributions/Deacons to Machariels/Guardians, and everything in between. We even do occasional blops action.

During peacetime we do fully support Rorqual mining, though right now it’s a little dangerous for doing that. We do have one of the best hauling services in the game, with some of the cheapest prices, and quickest services.

We do not currently have a Keepstar for docking supers in, so if you did bring in a super it would have to be a coffin character, although we do fully support carrier ratting, though like Rorqual mining, it’s a little dangerous since we’re in a full scale war.

If you’re interested, here’s our Discord: http://bit.ly/Fed_UP

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