The Dark Vanguard - Recruiting Returners, BitterVets and people looking to learn (PVP Corp)

The Dark Vanguard is a an active EU TimeZone PVP Corp based in the Null Sec region Cache and a proud member of the alliance VINDICTIVE.

We are looking to grow and recruit fellow EU players who are looking for PVP. Whether you’re a (bitter)veteran of this game, returning from a break or looking to get into PVP for the first time we can help you and keep Eve fun!

In game Channel: TDVG Pub

What we can offer:

  • Laid back mature group of people with very broad eve experience
  • Guidance to help you get back into the game and learn PVP (as needed)
  • Competent FC’s within the corp, alliance & coaltion
  • LOTS OF FLEETS AND FIGHTS! Typically there are multiple fleets per day
  • SRP
  • Very good ISK making, quality moons (inc R64’s) & ratting/buyback etc.

What we are looking for:

  • Our main gameplay is PVP so we expect you to have a similar mindset but without super high standards.
  • Decent level of SP (no absolute minimum limit) and no complete newbros
  • Active in the European Timezones (approx. 17:00 - 23:00 Eve Time)
  • Must be willing to integrate and be in voice comms (Mainly TS3)

Get in contact - either mail me in game, reply here or join our in-game public channel “TDVG Pub”

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Time for weekend fun, join us today to get in all the action.

End of weekend, good time to consider joining our corporation.

Bumpity Bump!

One week since last weekend. A short time in our life but it could been better with us.

It almost the weekend so come and chat…join our ingame public channel “TDVG Pub”

I know you want it, we want it, join this weekend to get extra pat on back.

LFGP, ♪They want you, they want you
They want you as a new recruit ♪

:smiley: We were there!

+1 shiny killmail for the killboard

Another shiny kill :smiley:

Still recruiting in the EUTZ. Come join some of our newest recruits today!

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Been good to me since I joined them. Nice friendly atmosphere with there being someone online a solid 90% of the time so theres almost always someone to lose ships with!

Bumping - still looking for EU PVPers

@Rakkin Hi buddy! Do you have discord? I am looking for a buch of friends/corp to play with… My char has 57mil sp but i am quite noob…I’ve always paid and skilled my character, but i didn t play so often.
May i ask you how many active players do you have in your corp buddy? I usually play every evening from 21.00 eve time

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