The Dark Vanguard - New Null Sec Corp looking for PVPers & other stuff

awesome fun

Been a good few days and the corp has grown quite a bit. If you’re looking for a chill null sec pvp corp come and chat “TDVG Pub”

Come and chat “TDVG PUB” in game

Come and chat “TDVG PUB” in game

i am returning after an extremely long break from the game. looking for a new home so i decided i would check you guys out. let me know what info i need to submit for consideration into your corp.looking forward to finding a good group of people to fly with… 07 fly safe

i will be online a little later today and will hop in your pub channel…

Still growing & recruiting :smiley:

We’re still here and recruiting. Come and Chat TDVG Pub

We’re still looking to grow and bring in more EU TZ dudes :smiley:

All pvpers are welcome, and we have good Null sec Isk making to fund your pvp!

Bumping it up - come and have a chat in game: “TDVG Pub”

We’re still growing nicely - join TDVG PUB

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