Gjallarhorn Incorporated - Minmatar Regional Industry and Mining (newbro friendly!)

Greetings pilots both old and young!

Gjallarhorn Incorporated is a group of pilots from multiple time zones who live, laugh, mine and manufacture in Minmatar space. We are based out of Molden Heath but you will find our intrepid pilots venturing to myriad areas nearby in the endless quest for resources, experience, and most of all amusement (this is a game right?). We are situated just five jumps from Hek and six from Rens, both trade hubs in the Minmatar section of EVE’s new “silk road” between Jita and Amarr.

We are a hisec corp primarily but have plenty of lowsec some of our pilots enter for excitement and resources. Nullsec regions between 7 and 13ish jumps away for daytrippers.

All we ask is that members be respectful to each other. This is a game and it is meant to be fun and provide amusement and some social enjoyment so that is what we aim for!

Here is a more TL;DR of what we are all about!

● Low stress - Real life comes first
● Mining and Industry focused
● Casual mining fleets with compression in space
● New player and alpha friendly
● Astrahus services at HQ include reprocessing and manufacturing

If you are interested in joining or talking with us you can come to GJARN Public and chat up any of us in there!

Become a Heathen! You know you wanna! :stuck_out_tongue:


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