Primarily EU time zone industry Corp recruiting pilots

While we are mainly an EU time zone Corp we do have players from other regions such as NA. Our current operations include mining fleets, moon mining, research, manufacturing, and wormholes. Our home system is a 0.5 and we have low sec very close to us. We do have stations controlled by us we use for reprocessing, moon mining, manufacturing, and research. We offer an ore buy back program for those of you who simply wish to mine and not deal with the transport time. We also offer an insurance program for lost ships. Our skill level is very wide we have players from large null sec alliances as well as new players just setting up their first character. We accept all who are willing to be active within the corporation. If this sounds like something you are interested in feel free to drop me an in game mail, join our public chat channel (Meteor Industrial Complex?, or reply to this post and I will reach out to you in the very near future.

Still looking for pilots


always looking for more people feel free to msg me anytime


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