Looking for a null sec industrial corp

I’m EU/US timezone looking to mine and shoot stuff.

I come with 3 characters, 2 industrial and 1 Combat. All omega.

I work nights a lot, so I drift on the US timezone quiet abit, can use comms but only listen when im at work, hope this will be OK.

Hi Jintelli
Perhaps I can interest you in checking out Stratotech Industries. We are an EU/US tz Industrial Corp in Null sec. We are a mature and relaxed corp and part of one of the oldest alliances in the game.
We are predominantly an Industrial corp but regularly do PvP as members wish to do so.
We have no mandatory fleet ops or CTA’s as we understand people have different work times and RL obligations.
We use both Discord and Teamspeak and operate regular fleets for members to join if they wish to.
SRP programs
Ore and component buyback options
Mature approach with clean comms

If you are interested in knowing more either send a mail in game to Fyr Cassell or Bensonator or feel free to drop into “Stratotech Recruitment” channel and we’ll be happy to chat or send a dis/ts invite.
Thank you

Stratotech Industries - Mining 'til we dining

(Ability to think of questionable and cheesy slogans desirable but not mandatory)

Greetings mate , looks like we fit that perfectly, check us out.

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