Denassi Mining Company LLC - Be apart of something new!


Born out of the eviction of Provi-bloc from Providence, Now a part of Sev3rance. We strive to help build a new home for our selves. Not Just only Miners. Some of us like to kill stuff too!

Ever be like “I like to mine but I also want do so some PVP, and im feeling a little bored”? well look no further!. Denassi Mining Corporation is not just a mining corp! Albeit we specialize in building cool ships we have players of all sorts. As part of SEV3RANCE, Which is newly a part of Legacy Coalition. You will have access to daily PVP and PVE activites ranging from Small gang patrols, Large Colition level engagements, to Quiet Moon and ore Mining. Staged out of Voltrons front during WWB2 you will be hard pressed for content. Come be part of something !!!

  • Small industrial/PVP corporation based in nullsec under Sev3RANCE alliance, with footholds and activities in hisec and lowsec systems.

  • For new players, we can have a dedicated member to teach you game mechanics and activities , also help you be self-suficient.

Recruiting contacts:

-DMCO Public ((in-game channel))

Illych Audene (USTZ)

Che Liuz (EUTZ)

Syn Onzo (AUTZ)

safira jomita(UTC-3)

—feel free to mail/convo any of those —

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Come join a bunch of very nice folks !

Daily friendly invite.

DMCO still recruiting, come have a nice time with us!

:eyes: Hello

Greetings mate ! how can we help you?

We still looking for nice folks, new players and returning vets welcome!

Still accepting new and old folks

come have a lot of fun with us.

Come have a nice time in our new home and with some nice folks.

We are still recruiting! Come have some fun!

Come have a nice time with us, still recruiting!!

We still accepting new and old good folks.

in which system are you?

Greetings mate sorry about the delay, we are in querious region, if y need more details, plz convo me / mail me ingame

We we still accepting good old and new folks…

Still looking for old and new folks

Come live in a hell good place with nice folks.

We still recruiting…

We still looking for old and new folks