Denassi Mining Company LLC is looking Indy/PVP Pilots

Living in Querious as a part of Sev3rance. We strive to better our selves and make something of our home!. Not just only miners, We like to kill things too! We are looking for Independent Industrialists looking to be apart of a thriving Null sec PVP community.

What we offer:

-Corp and alliance level mining ops with access to nearly every moon mineral type.
-Corp owned Research and invention facilities
-Access to major block level content via WWB2 and legacy coalition ops
-Small gang content via our alliances highly experienced FC’s

-A welcoming and laid back home to enjoy New Eden within one of the oldest and most resilient alliances in the game.

What we require.

-The use of mumble for Alliance, Coalition, and standing comms
-Want and willingness to be a part of the community.
-3m skill points minimum Omega
-Positive PVP orientation with willingness to learn and better your own combat abilities

Come have a chat with us at -DMCO Public ingame

We look forward to flying with you!

nice place to leave and nice folks. with them for a good time… come find a nice place to live with us

we still looking for old and new folks . come help us build a nice place to live.

daily reminder… we still looking for new and returning folks.

we still accepting folks willing to find a new home.

we still looking for good old and new players to chill out

we still looking for people!

Your ingame channel has no people or MOTD? Interested in chatting if someone is around today, or hit me up on discord CoalPowered#6513

inv sent

we still looking for people .

we still accepting old and new folks