Denassi Mining Company LLC is looking Indy/PVP Pilots

Denassi Mining Company LLC is Recruiting! Not only a mining company, some of us like to kill things too!

Are you an independent industrialist Looking to do some PVP? Ever wondered what its like to live in a Russian blob in an English speaking alliance? Then Denassi Mining Company LLC and Sev3rance is right for you!

Newly As a part of Coalition, living in Scalding pass, -7- is a friendly community of PVPers and Industrialists that have been working together since Provi-Bloc was a thing. Join us on our Journey through New Eden.

What we offer:

-Access to Alliance moons and production facilities
-Access to large scale PVP via Coalition
-Small gang content via our alliances highly experienced FC’s
-Corp level loot buyback,
-A welcoming and laid back home to enjoy New Eden within one of the oldest and most resilient alliances in the game.
-Laid back corp structure. Play when you want, as its a game after all.

What we require.

-The use of mumble and Teamspeak for Alliance, Coalition, and standing comms
-Want and willingness to be a part of the community.
-3m skill points minimum Omega
-Positive PVP orientation with willingness to learn and better your own combat abilities
-Able to translate Russian is a plus

Come have a chat with us at -DMCO Public ingame

We look forward to flying with you!

Old timer looking to make a comeback, relearn the mechanics in a quiet nullsec corner
New Player LF Corp
Lf nullsec corp eutz
Returning player look for WH or High Sec, low-sec corp
Returning 130mill SP
2012 107m main looking for C5 corp, or null?
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LF Mining Corp in Null/WH
12m SP looking for a PvP nullsec corp
Rorqual pilot looking for a null sec corp to mine for
Returning player searching for nullsec corp/alliance
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USTZ old returning player
Returning Player needs help brushing off the Rust
Looking for a startup corporation!
New Player Looking for Friendly Group
64m sp toon w/ dread/ carrier alts looking for a home
Returning player after 1 year break looking for something else (EU TZ/10mil SP)
Looking for work in New Eden
Looking for mining corp
🇦🇺 Aussie Newbro looking for a Corp to grow within (miner and Ind/fleet support role goal)
90M+ SP bittervet looking for ... something
106M SP indy guy with 5 accounts looking for corp
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Returning looking for corp
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Returning player 74M SP
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Casual player returning after long absence
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33m SP Returning Player want to fly a Tornado and shoot other ships
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nice place to leave and nice folks. with them for a good time… come find a nice place to live with us

we still looking for old and new folks . come help us build a nice place to live.

daily reminder… we still looking for new and returning folks.

we still accepting folks willing to find a new home.

we still looking for good old and new players to chill out

we still looking for people!

Your ingame channel has no people or MOTD? Interested in chatting if someone is around today, or hit me up on discord CoalPowered#6513

inv sent

we still looking for people .

we still accepting old and new folks

we still looking for miners and fighters.

o7 still looking for ppl

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A couple of weeks ago I posted a forum asking for Corp recommendations and you guys responded. I’m sorry for the late response but I have had a busy couple weeks. I’m interested in joining your Corp. Do you guys have an interview process or something like that? feel free to eve mail me

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greetings everyone . if you looking for a nice place to call home without ppl yelling at you like in boot camp take a look at us. we offer new and vet players all PVE infrastructure and PvP content .

come live in a Hella good place to live .

we have a nice chill environment and nice content being pve or pvp waiting for you. contact us now!

come join our thriving community! very chill Corp with PVE and PVP activities in a very good place to live.

we still looking for indy and PVP players being old rusty vets or new players…

come live in an awesome nullsec area with good pvp and pve content provided in a chill environment… we accepting new and old vets.