Global Warmers - Hi-Sec Mercs now Hiring

Global Warmers Corp is a Hi-Sec based mercenary Corp looking to bring some more pvp players into the fold

We operate within gallente space around dodixie but do travel around for content

We are not above wormhole diving or going to low/null to get content either

We are mostly small-gang oriented but we do serve in a larger community to back us up and in turn we do provide support to them

We’ll take any pilots from any walks of life and teach you the ropes but when you become a mercenary, PvP will become your main source of content and isk generation

We do not care about killboards, we just want pilots to undock and have fun and not be risk averse

Contact Treycore, Mu Naught, or Lefhamier I’m game for more details or throw an application in

API’s and a small interview will be required to make sure you’ll be a good fit into the corp

Don’t let climate change effect you! Apply Today!

  • Treycore

Still Recruiting!

50+ active wars!

Still Recruiting!

Hit us up in game!

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