Gnomes Rising - Looking For new players and vets alike

Gnomes Rising is a new corp looking for active young pilots, including Alphas, to make isk in a zero-tax environment and mature vet to make isk and mentor.

What we offer:

  • A structure to base out of with increased ore reprocessing
  • Zero tax, you keep what you make
  • Only a few jumps to Jita
  • No wars, you can mine and mission without fear of war declarations
  • Regular ore and ice mining fleets with Orca boosts
  • Level 4 missions with Caldari Navy
  • If you want PvP content, we have a Sister Alliance living in Null. We can find a PvP corp that fits you

We ask for:

  • Join discord, microphone is optional
  • Move to our area and participate in fleets
  • Real life comes first, your well being is our priority

At this time, we are primarily in the US time zones but would like to have more friends in the EU time zones. If you are interested, please join our discord, or pop into the recruitment Channel, R1Z3 Public. You can also send a mail Lxia Frye or Cronabus.

We are still Recruiting!

We are still Recruiting all time zones!

I just really like your corps name!

We are still Recruiting!

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