Small null corp looking for pvp/pve members

Hello, pilots of all ages. SPHINX RISING is looking for experience, noobs and vets.
Need a place to go out on roams , check.
Need a place to learn the ropes, check.
Need a place to relax and fill your ships and hangers, check.
Need a place that understands Real Life is important, check.
Want to make isk, through ratting, mining, pi, and building, check.
Want corp members in all time zones, check.
Come give us a chance.
5mil sp minimum
Disorder, and Ts3 required.
Inner corp JF services provided, and first load down free.

Join our discord and chat.
Thanks for your time.

Sphinx Rising is a good group of guys and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good Null corp

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3 potential members reached so far. Ones a promising candidate, another waiting for leadership approval, last hopefully speaking to him this weekend. Welcome, to Sphinx Rising.

Come join us for super fun time! We have good ratting and mining opportunities as well as industrial options with access to several active trading hubs. Easy ISK for PVP if that is your game. Pop in on our public discord if you have questions.

4 new members and 1 more thinking about returning to eve. Come give us a shout on discord. Looking for more pvpers and pveers.

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