Sphinx Rising is recruiting!

Sphinx rising is a small null sec corp in a thriving and active null alliance. We are looking for:

  • PvPers who are experienced or want to learn
  • Miners and industrialist that want to produce the machines of war
  • New players that want the null experience, to be guided and taught how to get rich
  • Old farts that are tired of the big corp. Games and want to get back to having fun.

Sphinx is not about having a business in a video game, Sphinx is not about K/D ratio or how much isk you’ve destroyed. Sphinx wants to know how much fun you want to have playing a game. But, because people want to know, here’s what we do offer:

  • JF freighter service from jita to alliance staging.
  • High sec mining options, transport to null provided at a reduced rate
  • Frequent roams into enemy territory with alliance, no stress, just go kill or be killed fun
  • Null sec ratting options
  • Basically everything a regular null sec corp will tell you but we’re not dicks…

There are some stipulations for joining

  • If you want to take part in null sec operations you must have 5 million skill points, otherwise you can join in with our high sec members. When you reach 5 million we can transition you to null.
  • Must have a head-set, and be able to use discord.
  • Being on coms is a must
  • Must be at least 18 years of age

So, if that sounds good, and you’re tired of the normal corp mind-set, give us a try. What could possibly go wrong?

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