Weed, beer & booty

We’re now RECRUITING pirates in new eden.
We’re a new pirate corp looking for fun and plunder!
If you’re looking to help build the numbers up fresh in a pirates life without stupid rules then this is for you!

No SP requirement and new players looking to get into piracy are free to join to learn the ropes. I will also support newer pilots financially so you wont have to worry about losing ISK while learning to PvP.

Access to corp hanger for members, pre-configured frigs and sub caps both t1 and t2 for our members to use freely including ammo, drones & etc.

Solo & Fleet roam’s

EU + USA Timezones

We have offices in
Tama VII - Moon 9 - Republic Security Services Testing Facilities (HOT PVP 24/7)
and also Intaki II - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support
Close logistics route from jita
no tax
Put in an application or pm/mail Bellatrix Sol !

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Are you guys/girls still recruiting?

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