Good Space Available with Winter Coalition: many options to find what you like best

You will have Winter Coalition behind you for defense and help. Report timers to us and we will listen … AND undock. A Discord server is available for communication among your friends in the region and with WinterCo leadership. Buyback programs, ingame intel and trading channels, jump freighter services.

If you prefer to play in a large shared system space: Play in most Oasa and Perrigan Falls space with Cyno.Up alliance for low monthly taxes. Minimum rules. Free high value (R32 and R64) shared moon mining. Diversity, cooperation and success.

If you prefer to rent a system for your exclusive use, space is also available in Branch. You can rent as a corp or alliance, and have your own sov. Two free R16 moons for your exclusive use (more moons also available if you need them). Ability to put down and manage your own citadels (any except keepstar).

Oasa and Perrigan Falls: The Real Wolf, Jack Marshal, Cyno.Up Chat (ingame channel)
Branch and Tenal: Arrowspeeed Bounty, Azure Citizen (ingame channel)

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