WinterCo. Fraternity Shared Space Rental Program Oasa and Vale

Null Sec the Right Way

Talk to us and learn about a new way to live in null sec. Don’t be restricted to just one or two systems. Have almost a full region to work in for one flat fee per month. Play the way you want to. Do what you want to. Have fun again!


  • Use Fraternity. systems in Oasa and Vale of the Silent
  • Mining / Ratting/ 10-10 running and more
  • Free mining of coalition public moons
  • R8 and R16 moons available for an additional rental fee
  • Region wide Pi with only 0.02% tax
  • You can join WinterCo fleets if you want to
  • Super cap and titan defense fleet
  • Discord/mumble/Teamspeak channels for communication with leadership and other residents
  • Logistics services
  • Jump bridge network
  • Docking rights
  • In-game intel and trade channels
  • Good markets with lots and lots of opportunitys
  • Buyback
  • Avalible for small and bigger corperations
  • Monthly fee based on corpmember numbers, starting at 1B a month.

Chat with us in our ingame channel : Cyno.up recruitment

The real Wolf
-RV- Wolf#6567 ( discord space between -RV- and Wolf)

Space reserved

New week!! Come talk to us for a spot for your corp and build your own Corp and Eve history while being part of an awesome coalition!!

Cyno.Up Recruitment ( ingame channel)


Come talk to us and become part of a great coalition, have fun and get rich!!!


interested in a system for my corp. :slight_smile:

Come talk to us and become part of a great coalition, have fun and get rich!!!

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