Winterco. Rental Alien Residency Program

Null Sec the Right Way

Talk to us and learn about a new way to live in null sec. Don’t be restricted to just one or two systems. Have several constellations to play in for one flat fee. Play the way you want to. Do what you want to. Have fun again!

WinterCo Space: Alien Residency Privileges

  • Use of all FRAT systems in OASA
  • Fully upgraded systems
  • R8, and R16 moons available for an additional rental fee
  • Free mining of higher value coalition moons
  • You can join Winter Coalition home defense fleets if you want to
  • Super cap and titan defense fleet
  • Discord/mumble channels for communication with leadership and other residents
  • Logistics services
  • Jump bridge network
  • Docking rights
  • In-game intel channels
  • Good markets

Pricing: The real Wolf


Cyno.Up Recruitment (in game channel)
The real Wolf

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Confirm this program is legit!!


Bumperdebump, come talk to us today!!


How high is the fee? And The most importand information i would like to get more specified information about “logistics services”.

Send you an ingame mail! Thanks for contacting us!


Come talk to us today, great opportunities for your corp to rat / mine / Pi / 10/10 run, almost unlimited ISK to make!!

Tierd of highsec ganking, allince pap bullshizzle, just want to enjoy the game, come to talk to us today and get your corp a spot on the program, 1 flat fee, and almost a whole region to play and work in!!!

Cyno.Up Recruitment ingame


Already gave a bunch of corps a new home with unlimited ISK making possibility`s, come talk to us today!!


Bump Bump

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