Null Sec the Right Way

Null Sec the Right Way

WinCo Alien Residency Program: A New Way to Rent

Talk to us and learn about a new way to rent. Don’t be restricted to just one or two systems. Have a region to play in for one flat rental fee. Play the way you want to. Do what you want to. Have fun again!


  • Use of most constellations of WinterCo space in a region
  • Free R4, R8, and R16 moons available for your own athanors
  • Free mining of higher value coalition moons
  • You can join WinterCo fleets if you want to
  • Discord channel for communication with leadership and other renters
  • Logistics services
  • Jump bridge network
  • Docking rights
  • In-game intel, ratting, and trade channels
  • Good markets

Pricing: Talk with Arrowspeeed Bounty

  • Discounts for keeping ADMs high
  • Discounts for exceptional WinCo fleets participation

Talk to Arrowspeeed Bounty * or join ingame channel Winterco_Space

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