Null sec -- miners, ratters, industry

Talk to us and learn about a new way to live in null sec. We especially need folks to help build our markets and keep our economy humming. Don’t be restricted to just one or two systems. Have several constellations to play in for one flat fee. Play the way you want to. Do what you want to. Have fun again!

WinCo _Space: Alien Residency Privileges

  • Use of multiple constellations of Winter Coalition space in a region
  • Free mining of higher value coalition moons
  • Free R8 and R16 moons available for your own athanors (must be approved)
  • You can join Winter Coalition fleets if you want to
  • Discord channel for communication with leadership and other residents
  • Logistics services
  • Jump bridge network
  • In-game intel and trade channels
  • Good markets

Contacts: WinterCo_Space (in game channel) or Arrowspeeed Bounty

Still looking for miners, ratters, and industry folks.

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