[SOV NULL] [INDUSTRY] [MINING] Anti-Asteroid Conservation Effort

[Null Sec][Indy Corp][Mining]

Anti-Asteroid Conservation Effort


Part of WinterCo Living in Wicked Creek Sovereignty Nullsec

We offer:

  • Fortizars [Faction Fortizars] for easy docking and tethering/ extensive multi-region intel channels
  • Access to (Rigged Sotiyo ) (rigged Azbel ) (rigged tatara ) and ( Athanors )
  • Moon Mining/Ice mining R64 R32 with high system indexes and bonused systems
  • Citadels setup for advanced Capital Production
  • Safe Ratting/Asteroid Anom Mining
  • Null Sec Corp with access to moons of entire region!
  • Leadership with connections to Supers/Titans/Capitals For Growth among Members.
  • Ore and PI Buy Back Program
  • Many Rorqual mining and Rorqual Boost every day.
  • Alliance and Corp Leadership Active every day all TZ
  • Jump Freighter Services every day

Why be part of a large Corp where you are just a number. Be part of a GROWING Corp, be known, participate and reape the benefits GET RICH-GET ISK. Every member plays a vital role in the corp . Full Access whenever you want to WinterCO (Fraternity) Fleets for PVP !

Join our public channel " AACE Belt " - in game


  • Kleptic ( CEO ) (US TZ)

  • Krossus Quintus (EU / US TZ)

  • BloodFart BloodFart (EU / US TZ)

  • Omyfid Tetsukari (AU TZ)

Daily bump.

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