Nullsec miningcorp is looking for professional miners

Hey there,

This meight be the 20th add your reading trough, but here our 2 cents

Umbra-Domini, an indycorp connected to a huge indycorp is looking for miners for nullsec.

  • Astroid belts
  • Anomalie belts
  • Moons to mine ( daily pops almost)
  • Ice

Good infratracture avalible

  • ratting
  • 10/10 running
  • Data/relic sites
  • JF service avalible
  • good regional market ( with opp)
  • Constant buyback avalible
    We are in the Winterco coalition, access to lots of space

Looking for miners who know how to mine, or willing to learn and become rich.

If your interested contact me or Avril Merrde



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