Goonwaffe expand in to High-Sec Incursions please!

Ah, Kroaky, the man who punched me in the disability whilst yelling ‘git gud’. How novel. Apparently this is how the mighty fly…


It looks like Goons have said no, but…

20% return on fleet for 40b ISK up front in SRF is… ( obviously there will be no Niarja & Uedama pass now ). Plus you don’t have to worry about site times and people whining about a paltry 5m ISK per hour ( what Kroaky has been up to ).

I wonder if someone will bite.


Anyone biting will need to be able to jump us from Corp to Corp pretty quickly to be able dodge the War-decs.

Us? There are a few of us. Care Bears, who need a more-relaxed doctrine. We fly, you get paid, it’s nice & simple.

Yeah, the High-Sec Incursion Alt is a REALLY useful way to grind to get that ISK in should you need to dock up & recharge the wallet on your Low/Null main.

This post is more about disability inclusion, but the ‘science’ is good.

For disability inclusion you need the lower obsession with site times & ‘one size fits all’ doctrine.

For fun you need an FC/Leadership who are just not obsessed with competitions with other Incursion Fleets. So that Doctrine can be even less anal.


The current Incursion thing is cornered by some VERY rich people. And they do strong-arm the ‘you must fit in & compete’ agenda. And some of us can’t.

And some of us just don’t want to, as we are too busy making bad jokes on comms.

Incursions are shrinking for a reason.

Whoever breaks this market back open will get to see a nice return on their investment.


ISK is ISK, & EVE is EVE.

As an additional:

Incursions will generate 3 things for a High-Sec gank toon:

  1. ISK.

  2. LP’s.

  3. Concord Security Status.

I know right??

Get the balance right & you can fly in from Null, grind some ISK, buy some tags, do the odd aggression on a rival fleet, and then after a couple of months on your ‘Tour Of Duty’ you head back to wherever.

If you hate what High-Sec does you can hit it.

It’s no skin off of my nose, I’ll be in a budget fit doing something else :smiley:

Makes sense but what about the taxes that would be generated?

roflmfao your such a funny little man

This seems like a “continuation” of sorts of his previous thread:

Thought it is worth linking as it is relevant to this discussion as well.

The key issue is that I spent a year ( not 5 minutes, a year ) trying to be as reliable as possible. And was hanging in there & making friends on grid. I was usually only 1-2% out on performance, so I was doing pretty well.

Then Kroakly and said FC, in their infinite wisdom, decide to move the goal-posts.

I say “erm, I can’t do that without wiggle-space on fit” like I normally do. To which I am then called, amongst other unpleasantries, a ‘whiney little etc’. Oh, & my wiggle-space on fit was refused.

Kroaky is clearly on a power-trip. The fact he seems to be enjoying punching me in the health condition is… Proper Psychopathic.


Let’s put it this way, if content reliably gets this bad then EVE will die. Which isn’t in CCP’s interest. Or mine, as I like this game.

Hence my desire to get a new funder in, so that Kroakies little empire can be side-stepped & something better brought in.


For now I need to de-salt ( obviously ); but I would hope it obvious just quite how unpleasant Kroaky really is. And Kroaky is the man with the power. I’m just a pilot.

Oh, and when punched in the health condition I have to just sit there & take it apparently… Yeah, Kroaky ain’t right.


Such is EVE. Well, parts of EVE anyway.

Apparently you used to have 60k players, & now you’re down to 30k players.

Even with all of this Newbro effort.

As some older players say “weeee!” & kick in the newbs.

I know I’m only engineering AND medical, so clearly not a god, but I’m spotting a pattern here…

It takes a special kinda stupid to get so power-trip you strangle your own game…


Reminds me of Brexit :smiley:

why should the null sec guys do incursions in empire when anyone in a supercarrier can safely make over 200m in a wallet tick, it takes around 2 hours to do that in an incursion.

the only thing good about this is the potential incursion tears that ive been wanting to see but 60 other people cant be bothered with getting together to pop the mom for a short amount of time to see those tears.

don’t tell them that, they will fight back with saying We better spread out the players playing and more subs than ever before. which I still call bs on but ofcourse they cant show even 90k unique logons in 1 day.

And in this, we have all become farmers, chasers of ISK, while not everyone does chase exclusively ISK such as code they too are farmers, farming for a perfect killboard which they tout and brag about every chance they get, to mask the emptiness of their activities they role play some dungeons and dragons imaginary collective of “the conference elite” adding to the illusion of being important, but it only exist in that imaginary world in their mind.

There’s no point, never was, the only thing that can give meaning back is to find a group that people can become friends with, but, since eve has become 2 things, farm ISK and pad killboards it can only lead to pressures that shouldn’t exist in eve, getting kicked because either your in the way of the farming or hurting their killboards.

Welcome to the farm, now lay eggs.

first off … brock , i dont particularly like , but neither do i hate you , i mostly pity you as you seem to need the crutch of your disability ( hey , guess what ?? im on a disability pension too and i dont wave it about like a war banner !!) … i have mostly treated you with kid gloves due to your constant “i have a disabllity” whines

second , i fail to see how any disability in the real world is going to prevent you flying a particular fit in a video game !! seriously , you started in an apocalypse which is a known flat battery , so yes your going to have to have a cap transfer and cap buddy , or broadcast for cap … that has never been a problem for other players ( some with disability’s) so why is it for you ?? you were accepted on grid ,even with your “low stress fits” :read low dps …
yes , some FC’s gave you a little grief over them , because you became abusive and threatening when they asked you to change a few mods , but some of our fc’s just dont care and would let on grid with a harbinger if thats all you had

as to me being on a power trip … i took on council role reluctantly and would give it up in a flash if there were reliable replacements , but , i am just one of 7 council members , and funnily enough , THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME OPINION OF YOU … so its not just me mate

i think you need to have a good long think about yaself and maybe put aside the disability when ya log in … play the game , live the fantasy that your fully able rather than choose to make things unpleasant for everyone else

I’m medical, you are not, and the world is vast.

So you sir are an idiot. You are no expert on Disability.

As for your precious non-medical Council, enough said.

Just get over it.

As for the false allegation that I became abusive & threatening due to you bashing my health needs, well, welcome to the real world. Yes, I did threaten to grass you. after you bashed me first.

When it comes to abuse bashing someone’s health condition, whilst using the ‘snow-flake’ argument, is the height of Disability Abuse. If you were a bar in the UK you’d be facing a law suit by now.

Hence my attitude that your vile behaviour is not acceptable. I guess I am just civilised, and see this as a social game…


I can only assume that your mummy did not teach you to share at school.

The eggs are being laid. League of Lunatics is working on it.

They have a much healthier & realistic viewpoint when it comes to gaming ( it’s a game, for example ).

If you think that squeezing someone out of the social circle they like because they “aren’t fast enough any more” is going to make said person smile then…

You have a screw loose. There, I said it. That is proper crazy thinking. And you are not a Dr either, so quit making that rubbish up. You are no expert on DIsability, & you kicked out the bloke who was.

It hurt to be torn from that Social circle. Since when did I have no rights? And yes, I did swear etc. That’s what people in pain do…

This whole thing stinks of Donald Trump. And most of the Council are Yanks too. Oh my.

“You aren’t a Doctor”. I’ll clarify here.

Here is the real world; the one you don’t understand.

  1. We have unique DNA.

  2. We have unique life experiences.

  3. Having worked in medical for 10 years I assure you I still don’t know all of teh different injuries, as there are so many. That’s A LOT of different crutches that some people will need. Including myself.

  4. Saying “I’m disabled, therefore I am a doctor” is… Insanity. For real. And it’s VERY dangerous.

  5. Stamping on someone else’s health condition is… depraved.


As I said, you and your precious Council are imbeciles. Dangerous ones too considering how over-confident you are. I wrote down 6 pages of material for you on how it really works, but if you are too lazy & stubborn to read it then I can’t do anything more.

Oh, & if you have lied to Council about me then… Maybe they won’t stay united with you.

I don’t need to say any more. You’re just a bluffer & a thug. I prefer real science.

i have never said i am a doctor or even have any medical qualifications so im not sure what you on about there … probably more invention on your part
nobody "tore you from your social circle " you chose to create problems for yourself and then blamed everyone around you while screaming “im disabled , you cant do that”

i really think you have many problems other than your disability , but , their your problems , not mine so i’m not gunna lose any sleep over it

your such a sad little man

You claimed to ‘know disability’, & yet you clearly don’t.

And then you just got nasty.

And, by the looks of it, you got a few friends in too.

There’s nothing civilised about that. Or sane for that matter.

PS: Yes, I do think that CCP staff should be looking at what you are up to. Carry on screaming ‘offence’; I can work with that.

To clarify, Herr Oke:

You got abusive ( calling me pathetic etc ) whilst refusing me teh wiggle-space I need in my fits, because…

Apparently you know disability.


I gave you 7-8 pages of material on how to help disabled pilots.

You threw this in the trash because…

You know disability, apparently.


I work in the medical sector, & you don’t; and yet you got on your high horse & threw me out ( by dirty trick. I can’t fly for long without that wiggle-space, & you know that ). Why? Apparently you know disability. I know right??


Anyone thinking they know everything about disability just because they are disabled is… Clearly not a Dr.

And that is why I think you have a screw loose. That is proper deluded thinking, & yet you have done it.

Either that or you really get your jollies hurting others.


By all means lob in another offensive flag. I need CCP to see this to get an intervention. I WANT more disabled pilots on grid.

What’s the next lie gonna be Kroaky?

just what drugs are you on , and can i have some please … cos you be tripping man