FC get stuffed


I don’t like growling at players who put effort into generating content for us, but… As a disabled man I sometimes have to adjust doctrine to make the ride more comfy for me. It’s just how it is, as I am vulnerable to stress. If you want me on a long op then I might need to make a few tweaks to your ultra-optimised doo-dah spreadsheet-victim; or it’ll be too stressy to fly, & I will end up unable to fly for long.

I’m pleased to say that most FC’s get this, but…

Every now & then you get a little jack-booted power-freak who will get all Donnie-Trump on you & not allow you to fly, simply because you’ve had to make a couple of tweaks.

I’ve just had to grass one in TDF ( Incursions ).

Council are usually ok with this, and show me the flexibility I need; and I know that CCP are big on disability-inclusion; but… There is always that one control–freak.


My foible ( what irks me )? I don’t like missing the target. I go for ultra-application over ultra-DPS. This is why I usually do ok with most FC’s. I may be a bit slow, but it’s not a disaster. Hitting the target reliably is usually considered a good thing.

I know right? Yeah, just sharing a tale of love & joy.

Don’t be afraid to grass, people :slight_smile:


Not really grassing anyone if there is no name to the face :slight_smile:


Yeah there’s only so much you can do about control freaks. They can spoil the vibe for sure, and it’s up to everyone around to keep those people in check and keep the vibe cool again.

And so it’s also kind of on everybody else if one guy is a dick and nobody says anything about it. Especially if it is already established among the group that you have your own play method (and that is always cool around cool people). It doesn’t matter if he’s the FC. Commanding an Internet spaceship fleet doesn’t endow him with social immunity. To the contrary, this retard failed to justify his position in a place of command. You’re the bigger man for not naming him here, but nobody minds if you do.

It’s a shame you got stuck on an operation with an asshat, but at least it’s not too common!

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I’m gonna let Council deal with him. Use the internal fleet process first.

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Yeah, TDF are usually fine. Just one muppet.

I do agree that it is down to other pilots to keep these muppets in check. This game is supposed to be fun after all.

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I don’t understand why people put up with that kind of cr*p in a game.

Honestly, if my evening’s gaming experience were to be dependent on a douche like that I’d shut down and go to the pub and have a pint with some mates.


Are you saying that your ability to hit a target directly affects your mental state?

Genuinly interested.

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What does that mean? Grass someone?

I have heard of curbing, stomping, booting, benching, and several others but not grass.


The same reason they do in real life: they’ve got something that seems functional and stable and don’t want to take a chance going for something better.

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Same here.
Not familiar with the term.

–Curious Gadget


Me too. Is that some activity involving grass?


re: ‘Grass’

Maybe it’s an English / UK term but I grew up with it and it means to snitch on, tell on, inform on.

You are a grass if you do this.

You are a supergrass if you do this a lot (inspiration for band of same name).

Doing this is grassing someone up. You can grass someone up or grass on someone.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Actually, yes it does… and it changes what I thought the OP was saying.

I was assuming that to grass meant the same as to beach, which means to remove from leadership.


–Gadget likes learning


Learn something new everyday. Thanks


The problem is an FC so obsessed with Site Times that they are willing to burn good pilots.

It’s ISK/hr, vs fun & fairness/hr.

As I said, Ditanian is usually ok with me. I just gotta wait for the managers to check stuff over and make a usually-sane decision.

And yes, it does affect my Mental State when I keep missing. I get frustrated, and that gets me too tired too quickly.

It’s just Incursions. It’s like mining in a well-oiled fleet. I don’t get why this FC has got so petty. Or cruel for that matter.

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Hitting the target is far better than missing, its something many players overlook when fitting ships…


yeh mate but you aint actually hitting anything so it doesnt really mean f**k all does it?

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Are you dropping DMG modules for application ones or are you locking stuff up slow or are you slow in general what weapon system you use just trying to paint a picture here.

Good question above. Also if possible some chat log (without names but indications who is who, e.g. “FC”, “me”) would also help to get a clearer picture just to can better see the facts. Not implying anything so don’t take it as such, simply every story has at least two sides to it and a log can go a long way of seeing what actually happened, and in detail at that. I assume it was a text chat but it can be a voice chat as well so in such case no log exists understandably.

This is the point exactly.

Still, doctrine is more important than comfort & fun etc.

It’s also about comfort for me. I might put a repping rig on a Pallie so I can hold my reps for longer helping a team-mate. I might use TP-300’s to actually hit the target with my main guns ( Pallie’s are weak on tracking after all ).

But still this FC went off the Deep End.

I’m still waiting on an answer from Council, so I’m not growling yet. Just painting the picture people wanted.


DPS means nothing if you miss. And only really weak FC’s will fall for what this FC fell for. One of our best FC’s ( also Council ) will fall asleep in his Corn Flakes whilst just saying ‘shoot it’, site times are good, and we giggle on Comms. He only has to tag for teh Newbros. It is sooo much better than gistapo-in-silence etc.

He’s one of the best because when the poo hits the fan he knows what to do. Skill. Not just parotting off lists. Anyone can parrot a list.


Yeah, it’s a pain in the aft. If I get popped I want it to be my fault, not because FC was too weak to have tags.


Incursion Communities are shrinking. I’ve spoken to enough Pilots over my Incursion time to know why. They’re bored. Off-the-scale bored. That’s why the more-relaxed Ditanian Fun-Fleets are so special to so many of us.


It’s why I have multiple Toons. I just go fly someone else whilst this guy makes Ditanian look bad. I get along with other Pilots, so that’s the loss. Part of this game is Social after all.


Hey-ho, still waiting on Council.


The Chat Log is simple enough:

Lose the rig. Lose the drones. Respect my authoritah! Proper Cartman style.

Then when I try to get him to understand that I have health issues he says “that is not an excuse”. In European Law ( where this game lives ) it is actually. You’re supposed to make reasonable adjustments for disabled members etc.

The rest is him frothing at the mouth. I know nothing about the guy. “You aren’t allowed to have emotions” etc. Yeah, for real. He does seem a touch, well, extreme.

I know EVE has a rough side ( no really ), but this just brought a real bad taste to my mouth. Using my health condition against me, for something as paltry as 2-3m AN HOUR ( I fly a blinged-up Pallie after all. 5b of hull is way more than a Megathron ), is… A bit much for something that is pretty-much easy-ISK mining. Oh, and it’s a Newbro friendly fleet too, so we never hit high-speed Incursioning like the snobs unless we build a special fleet. Because we let Newbro Megas in ( they have to start somewhere after all ).


No-one enjoys being stamped on just for being unable to reach ‘perfect spreadsheet’. That’s not Trolling.


I don’t believe it. I’m out.

The FC was deemed fine, for the safety of the Fleet, even though I have a near-perfect track record.

Which means I can’t fly. Well, not for long anyway.

Fecking Donald Trump ( most of Council are yanks ).

Yeah, that’s it. I can be picked on at will.


Having your disability stamped on is… Not cool.

Nope, I wasn’t expecting that.