FC get stuffed

if theyre letting newbros in with crappy mega skills… wait…

Pallie as in paladin?
I dont do incursions often, when i do i fly logistics which means ships dont have to have a local rep and genereally shield fits too.
What are you doing? hq’s? vanguards? im a bit tire so this may be adding to my confusion :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish i could downvote the op for bringing up politics and being a cry baby


Honestly OP, sounds like you got the wrong end of the deal. I would also guess that the FC complained and got his way because he generates more content even if he should not be allowed to FC.

My condolences on your loss and your hardship. Having watch similar issues with my roommate/baby-momma/it’s complicated, I sympathize with your plight. I would try explaining to the council your issue on appeal. If no luck, find better people to fly with. They are out there and will be more understanding.

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I’m not sure that getting mad about missing shots in a video game is a disability. Snowflake confirmed.


You sound like a special snowflake.


Dude, grow some balls.


Look… My roommate (not the OP) suffered a very traumatic brain injury. She fell 22feet and split her head open. Last Saturday night, she had a… Moment. Our daughter had picked a movie to watch and we were about an hour into it.

My roommate (it’s complicated) got confused. She didn’t get (she did have brain trauma) that we did not want to watch the movie she picked out nor understood that we were close to done the movie my daughter wanted. The frustration in her mind built up until it became a big fight over how she never gets to do as she wishes (mind you I support her and bust my hump so she has the freedom to do as she wishes and recover), all because of mental confusion over a movie choice.

Another example, my co-workers dad is ill. He has dementia at times from the illness. He spent an hour the other night looking for his keys… To the bed. He was absolutely convinced the bed had keys and he needed to find them.

You people condemning the OP have no clue what the OP’s problems are or how it could be effecting him. He could have had major head trauma. Little things could build up and become big issues. He uses eve to relax, yet knows enough to balance that with making sure he doesn’t get frustrated over little things. It happens. Don’t condemn him till you understand better.

As for the anal-retentive FC, that is not a person who should be leading fleets. The toxic behavior of do as I say exactly as I say and never question, is bad and will cause far more harm. Better to have people in fleet enjoying so they come back instead of being a dictator that drives people away. So sorry, I side with the OP and hope things get better.


Most people in fleets only enjoy the F1 key, i get more action in a lvl4 mission.

Friendzoned kek

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