Gorgon Heavy Industries - EU/UK Recruitment - Newbro's Welcome!


Gorgon Heavy Industries is a newly founded corporation currently operating in the EU timezones with plans to expand into US TZ in the very near future.

As the name suggests we are heavily involved in Industry and PVE activites with the odd bit of small gang PVP thrown in for those that are interested! (Alliance level)

We Offer:

  • A friendly and welcoming Atmosphere
  • Newbro Help and Advice
  • Regular Mining / Mission Fleets
  • Excellent Refinery with 0% Tax
  • Private Research and Clone Facilities
  • Small Gang Warfare
  • New pilot Induction sessions!
  • Alliance Discord!

We are very new, however including myself we have over 25 years combined experience to get people started! If you are interest in the fields of Industry, Research, PvE and Exploration and are looking to get stuck into something from the very beginning, help it grow and expand we may be the corporation for you!

Join “Gorgon Recruitment” for further information or contact one of our recruitment team for a chat!

Online and in recruitment!

We are online and recruiting! Come Say Hi in “Gorgon Recruiment” or send me an in-game mail for more info!

We took on a handful of excellent people yesterday! Why not come and join the team? secure an excellent future! Join channel “Gorgon Recruitment” for a recruitment conversation today!

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