Greater Seattle/PNW Meet up

As some people may know I am the organizer of the the greater Seattle meet up. After going to EvE Vegas I met several people that didn’t even know that there was a greater Seattle meet up group (I also noticed that there was a mention on the most recent Open Comms on Twitch). That being said I am making a general push to let people know about the group. Join us on discord

In general the focus is Seattle. But I highly encourage people from around the Northwest to join as we already have a bunch of people from outside the greater Seattle area in the discord server some of who have shown up to the Seattle meet up.

As a point of reference the meet ups are generally on the 3rd Saturday of the month. I usually make the official post on Reddit/discord.

Finally, as some people might know there is going to be a cruise leaving out of Seattle next year. For those of us who can’t make the cruises, at least save the date, as I may organize a larger meet up the day before the cruise.

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