Milwaukee Wisconsin Meetup August 4th 2018

(JOhnDrees) #1

Hi everyone, we’re going to be doing a meetup in Milwaukee on August 4th 2018. We haven’t nailed down a location 100% yet but there are a few options in the works. We are trying to gauge how many potential people might attend before we commit to a specific location. I can say it will be in Milwaukee, it will be on the 4th of August, it will involve beer, spaceships, possibly short player presentations, but most importantly it will be a damn good time.

We also have a pretty neat bit of swag for the event:

So, please leave a comment if you think you will come along for this event.

(Thorstein Odinson) #2

Count me in.

(Erokk Slu'ef) #3


(Rhevyn) #4

I’ll try to get off work.

(Kali Omega) #5

Ya I think I’ll be able or make it

(Emily Hawthorne) #6

I’ll be out of town that week.

(Samara Mikakka) #7

6Hr drive — Can’t confirm I can make it but I might…

(JOhnDrees) #8


(JOhnDrees) #9

That’s fantastic thanks for commenting!

(JOhnDrees) #10

Youre a legend if you can.

(Ragnarr Ragnarrson) #11

About an hour away from me, I should be able to make it!

(JOhnDrees) #12


(Daoden) #13

I’m in

(Thorstein Odinson) #14

Location has been locked down.

(John Frohike) #15

I’m a maybe, still need my work schedule for that week.

(Rhevyn) #16

I’m in

(Marus Orochi) #17

I won’t be able to make this one, but if you plan repeat performances I could try one of those!

(Shajimas Claw) #18

Any updates? Busy weekend but good chance of making this. /// nvm, missed the link to the location

(JOhnDrees) #19

We are for sure doing it. Tomorrow at 7pm. Location has been updated on the evemeet website. Hope you can join us.

(Heinrich 9000) #20

Dang, wish I woulda saw this before. Only 2 hours north of Milwaukee, would have loved to participate.