EVE Salt Lake City - Summer 2017

WHEN: Saturday, June 24th, 7pm local time
WHERE: Red Rock Brewery in downtown SLC

EVE Meet Link

Last year I had the bright idea to hold an EVE meet out at the Salt Flats. I thought it was clever and cute, but it turns out not many people want to drive 2+ hours to the state line for a casual gathering of EVE nerds. Lesson learned.

So this time we’re taking it back to what works. We’ve had two EVE meets at Red Rock in the past and they have proved to be a hit. Come on out for good food, good beer, and good conversation with local space friends.

In talking with others, we’re thinking of making this a bi-annual thing. A meet in the summer, and a meet in the winter for those of you who enjoy the snow. So if you want to keep up on all of this be sure to connect with us through any one of these methods:

In-game chat: “EVE Utah”
Mailing list: “EVE Utah”
Twitter: @eveonlineutah
Join the EVE Utah Discord

See you Saturday!

Aside from the hour-long wait to get space to put enough tables together, we had a blast! Even had a brand new Alpha clone show up and get inducted into our awesome community.

Plenty of talk about spaceships, EVE Vegas, Fanfest, nerfs, buffs, wars, and everything in between.

Thanks to everyone who came!

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Good times all around. For those who couldn’t make it, I’ll be helping to plan a winter meet up to make this a biannual event.

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