Edmonton Eve Meet June 1st 7pm Craft Beer Market!

Edmonton EVE meet Saturday June 1st!

When: June 1st, 2018 @ 7 pm Local Time start
Where: Craft Beer Market 10013 101A Ave NW, Edmonton Alberta

Details can be found in the in game channel “seveneightzero” password “rexall” or “Rexall”

Join our Discord or you’re a filthy publord.

Fly Safe

Well, it’s pretty cool we survived the transition here as a sticky, or whatever they call it now.

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It might just be that there’s only like, 4 posts in the section lol

Well it’s August now, any idea on the status of the next meetup? The Craft Beer place isn’t an issue getting to.

Next meetup will be in September, I can setup a date in the near future. Typically second saturday of the month, unless there is a long weekend, in which case the meet is moved back a week.

September Meet!

When: September 16th @ 7pm local time
Where: Craft Beer Market Downtown, 10013 101A Ave NW

Send me a message in the in game chat, send me a EVEmail, or reply in this thread if you are coming.

See you all there!


Crud. Getting Married on the 17th…

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Congratulations!!! I am always up for a random meet if we can get a few people together.

OP updated for the June meetup.

We’re here on the patio. Get yo ash’s out here.

Are we going to get something going this month perhaps next weekend?

Update, I’ll plan to have a meet on the 6th of October more details to follow

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OP updated.

OP updated for December.

OP Updated for June 1st
Please post here if you can come, or reply to my post on Discord.

Updated due to popular demand.

so are we doing it this june 1st again for 2020?\

what’s the server for discord?