[ DC VA MD ] Eve Meetup - The Last Saturday, Every Month!

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Monthly Meetup - DC / VA / MD and other Nearby Areas.
District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, all are Welcome!

Mailing List (in-game): DCVAMD-Meetup
Chat Channel (in-game): DCVAMD-Meetup

Discord: https://discord.gg/zM2p7Y8
EveMeet: http://www.evemeet.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EVE_Loney
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/DCVAMD-Meetup

Meetups will be the last Saturday of every month!

I will consider good places/activities (was thinking things like mini-golf, bowling, etc., and eating/drinking of course). Open to suggestions?

Since I’m decently ISK-Rich, I would also like to hand out some Eve Prizes (I’m open to suggestions) every month, we can do it raffle style or it can go to the “winners” of the activities. Other Donations welcome!

If you are interested, I would also ask to blast it out to everyone you know in that lives in the area, even if you live in Europe or wherever, let your corp mates know!

Thanks for your time and hope to meet up with you all soon.

(old forums thread) https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=6806428

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So my birthday is 16th January, I’m in my late 30’s as of this post, but I started Eve long ago January 2003, shortly after my 24th birthday. Long story short, I started with a hand full of friends and they eventually got bored of eve after 4-8 months and I then acquired their toons. So for my first 6 years of eve I played with about 6 accounts, and gradually got to my peak in 2013, and now have 43 accounts about 129 toons.

CCP broke eve for me with the “illegal” making of multiboxing and changing the mining mechanics back then. I was out of the game for about 4 years to some IRL thing and the feeling I kinda beat EVE with my amassed ISK fortune, Owned Revenant, and all the fancy toys ISK could buy so I decided to take a break.

I have always been and Industrialist/Market/Trade person and only have 1 PvP account of the 43 (not counting any titan alts that I only really used for Jump bridges back before you could use gates). I am CEO of Cyberdyne R-D (I like to think the first public supercatial construction corp) and over the years about a dozen others.

Anyways, I’m back due to the recent Alpha/Omega clone changes I like and the Skill Injector/Extractors. I won’t be able to play 8-12 hour days like i did in my prime years, as over my 4-year hiatus I now have a 4-year-old daughter that takes up most of my free time and energy.

I was in the U.S. Military for many years and lived all over the USA and even some other places around the globe. I current, settled down in Alexandria, VA, but am very familiar with the area for many years. Hope to see you all and have a drink, something to eat, and some fun together once a month.

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Jan - Arlington, https://champps.com/pentagon/
Feb - Alexandria, https://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/tmg028.html
Mar - Falls Church, https://dogfishalehouse.com/locations/dfha-falls-church
Apr - Alexandria, http://www.sabarandgrill.com
May - TBD
Jun - TBD
Jul - TBD
Aug - TBD
Sep - TBD
Oct - TBD
Nov – None, Thanksgiving
Dec – None, Christmas

Jan - Arlington, https://www.crafthouseusa.com
Feb - Alexandria, http://www.sabarandgrill.com
Mar - Falls Church, https://dogfishalehouse.com/locations/dfha-falls-church
Apr - D.C., https://hillcountry.com/dc/
May - Alexandria, https://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/tmg028.html
Jun - Alexandria, http://www.sabarandgrill.com
Jul - Arlington, https://www.bonefishgrill.com/locations/va/arlington
Aug - Largo, MD http://thecarolinakitchen.com/largo
Sep - Falls Church, https://dogfishalehouse.com/locations/dfha-falls-church
Oct - None, Halloween
Nov – None, Thanksgiving
Dec – None, Christmas

Jan – None
Feb – Falls Church, http://www.dogfishalehouse.com/locations/dfha-falls-church/
Mar – Alexandria, http://hopsgrill.com
Apr – Arlington, https://www.crafthouseusa.com
May – Alexandria, http://www.sabarandgrill.com
Jun – Arlington, https://www.bonefishgrill.com/locations/va/arlington
Jul – Falls Church, https://dogfishalehouse.com/locations/dfha-falls-church
Aug – Alexandria, https://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/tmg028.html
Sep – Charlottesville, http://www.omegaconvention.com
Oct – Alexandria, http://www.sabarandgrill.com
Nov – None, Thanksgiving
Dec – None, Christmas

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Awsome, I approve of this event.

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(Zenti Sie) #8

Look forward to meeting everyone.

(XShadow4X Coors) #9

Should be fun! See you all at the crafthouse

(Furby Scalper) #10

I will be there as well!

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Updated for February 2018.

(Harold Magnussen) #12

I will be attending again for February. Always cool to meet some fellow EVE players.

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Updated post for March 2018.

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Updated main post at top with May information.

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Cool, it would be awesome to meet other players from my general area. I will try to make it out there.

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June Info Updated

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July 2018 info updated!

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updated August info in the main/2nd post.

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September, meeting tomorrow!

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Reminder… no meetings in OCT, NOV, DEC. Next meetup is JAN 2019.