Is EVE London still a thing?

It looks to have been a long time since the last one. Is there still interest in this?

Even if the official event is no longer going on I was wondering if people would be up for something in the early part of 2024?

Defo mate. I might not be from there, but I am planning on arranging a few events over the course of next year across the UK. More than happy to link in with existing event orgnisers if they would like that, or I can arrange something by myself if needed - Keep an eye on the forums. I’ll be making a few posts soon, particularly an AAR from Eve Manchester, and then some poll of sorts to see what would be popular places for events :slight_smile:

Welcome to the EVE London Discord. A place to chat with the community of people that attend EVE London

Discord Invite Link: EVE London Official

Forgot to mention there was problem getting a Venue thats why it was cancelled.

Hopefully Demmy gets stuff sorted.

Mid aged noob here who feels again i need to try and really get into Eve. dont normally last too long before the headache sets in.

hoping maybe a meet up in London to help me get a bit more grounded with the game and community

ill keep an eye out

Much obliged. It would be a shame to loose the fine old tradition of POS fuel consumption.

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