Eve 2023, 20th anniversary whats is planned so far?

yes its 3 years out but id hope someone at ccp has at least looked at this to give people a chance to save up to do something come 2023.

if not ccp has anyone got any ideas ?

iv tossed around a idea of hitting Marrakech because weather wise it should be pleasant enough and dry! so anyone else got any ideas ?

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They barely have plans for next year let alone 3 years out


Considering CCPs past few years I think the server will be shut down before then.

probably, just thought id try and nudge them now to see if they actually intended to do anything special for the 20th or not.

also last time i organised a meet up i posted over 2 years out for that and that was in Tokyo before ccp did theirs because why wait :stuck_out_tongue:

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Login skin and SP rewards


I say Eve Blackpool!!!

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eve 2023. a donkey racing good time!

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